HEAD Grower

In the fall of 2018 we will be opening a 10,000 square foot greenhouse and expanding our production of hydroponic herbs and leafy greens. We are looking for the right person to help lead the growing operations of the greenhouse. Experience is certainly preferred, but depending on your background we could possibly train you as a part of the job. This position will do it all! Seeding, cleaning, harvesting, packing, adjusting, monitoring, reporting, and most of all - having a great time. 

This position is targeted to hire in the last quarter of 2018. 

Delivery Driver

We are looking for a a very special human to take the reigns of Sue, our 14' Isuzu NPR delivery truck. You'll need to be free from 9am - 4:30 pm on Tuesday and Friday. You MUST have experience driving large vehicles and be very confident navigating in an urban environment. CLEAN DRIVING RECORD REQUIRED. This is a fast paced job and requires exceptional organization, multi-tasking, problem solving, stamina, and a great personality to boot! You'll be the face of the farm delivering to all of our restaurants and grocery stores. 


We are looking for passionate individuals who would like to help us push through a variety of vital task for growing our business. These are unpaid positions, but will have very specific goals and expose you to a variety of facets of urban agriculture, vertical farming, and running a business. 

  • Food Safety Intern (GAP/PRIMUS)    |    Help us as we navigate the process of obtaining food safety certifications for our farm.
  • Technology Intern                               |   We are evolving our process of collecting and analyzing data in the farm. If you are good with excel, lettuce hear from you!
  • Grower Intern                                      |    If you have a minimum of 3 months free and would like to learn how to grow hydroponically, this position is for you! 



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