Nashville Indoor Vertical Urban Farm

welcome to Greener Roots Farm

we grow the best damn lettuce you've ever tried 

hydroponic butterhead lettuce

What we do

We farm without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or soil. Yes, that's right - NO soil. It's called hydroponics, and it is pretty cool if we must say so ourselves. We use 90% less water and land, and produce around 10x as much produce as a conventional farm would in the same square footage. Our indoor vertical farm uses state of the art technology to ensure we are growing the highest quality produce, 365 days a year. 

Our Produce

We sell our produce to local restaurants and grocery stores through out the greater Nashville area. If you are a chef and interested in using our products, please register on our shopping page! Retail consumers can find our product line at Produce Place, Turnip Truck, Herban Market, Oh My Chives Natural Market, and Hendersonville Produce


We are passionate about urban agriculture and believe it is a key component in revolutionizing and expanding access to fresh, hyper-local nutrient dense produce 365 days a year