We are looking to build our farm team by adding a new member to our vertical farming location. You’ll be trained and managed by our vertical farm manager. Task will include everything from seeding and harvesting, to sanitation and packing. Position will be salaried and require 40+ hours per week - it could require some weekend hours. This is a labor position at a farm. You must be comfortable on your feet for extended periods of time, capable of lifting up to 50 pounds, and willing to work hard to get the job done, and done well.

This position does not include any time at our greenhouse - our staffing demands at that facility are currently met.

Ideal candidate would:

  • Be comfortable in a fast paced and dynamic environment

  • Learn quickly & feel good about working on task by yourself once trained

  • Passionate about constantly learning and improving

harvest hands

We are always looking for folks with flexible schedules who can be called on when an extra hand is needed. We do not have an immediate need, but if you are interested in being someone we reach out to when we need an extra hand, LETTUCE hear from you!


We are looking for passionate individuals who would like to help us push through a variety of vital task for growing our business. These are unpaid positions, but will have very specific goals and expose you to a variety of facets of urban agriculture, vertical farming, and running a business. 

  • Food Safety Intern (GAP/PRIMUS) | Help us as we navigate the process of obtaining food safety certifications for our farm.

  • Grower Intern | If you have a minimum of 3 months free and would like to learn more about what we do, this position is for you!



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